IFSA congress

Last week there was the IFSA congress in Vienna with a presentation of a reflection and research I did concerning the development of the cultural and natural heritage .  The final paper was written with my teacher Álvaro Campelo.

The table was on “Landscape and tourism: New models and practices for the relation with the rural world” and the title of the presentation was:

Rural world, wild spaces: narratives of the fantastic worlds in the appropriation and interpretation of the rural space. How to integrate these narratives in the enjoyment of the rural space?

Here’s the abstract:

The fantastic world is one of the characteristics that define the rural space and its communities. The main objective of this paper is, first, to analyze how these narratives are a part of the life in rural spaces and how they are essential to understand the memories and the sense place; second, to propose how to use these narratives in the context of tourism and cultural experiences.

Here’s a link to the IFSA congress page: http://ifsa.boku.ac.at/cms/index.php?id=venue