Smuggling II – Board game

Here’s the second volume of the Contrabando saga. This one was produced for Delta, the most important coffee production company in Portugal. The game now focus on coffee smuggling in the area of Campo Maior, near Badajoz – Spain during the late 50’s.

Like in the first one, I did interviews with local ex-smugglers and border officers to understand the local context and adapt the base game to it. In the new one, a clock system was introduced, as well as new action cards, a Winter-Summer modifier affecting the river Xévora, new board, a new patrol, etc…

João Manuel Nabeiro, the present CEO of the company, invited me to create this version after he read an article about the Vale do Côa version. His father, the founder, has a statue on the town square with an engraving acknowledging the work of the many men who smuggled his coffee to Spain – “the ones who allowed all this to happen”. Campo Maior, today, is a completely different town from what you find along the portuguese border – it’s full of people!

More info here (in portuguese but with images and a video). If you wanna know more about it, contact me by email!Campo Maior v2.png

Drawing of Campo Maior by Filipa Santos.