Sound installation at the Côa Museum

The Côa Museum and Côa Park, hosts a World Heritage Site comprised of thousands of Pre-Historic open air rock art engravings. Apart from this amazing art collection, the museum itself is a pretty interesting architectural piece located in a beautiful setting overlooking the river Douro and its vineyards and the river Côa, the epicenter of the engravings. The access corridor feels like a descent into the underworld, like a chambered cairn’s corridor, it is a wonderful architectural sensorial experience before one entersLer mais

Mó wins “best documentary”

The doc Mó won the award for best short film/ documentary at the Côa Criativo Awards, organized by the 10 municipalities of the Côa area, in Portugal. Take a time to see the film and discover the region here! Cheers to everyone who worked on the project!!! If you want to buy the book, contact me!!  Ler mais

180 Creative Camp

photo by Joana Bourgard I just got back from the 180 Creative Camp. A extraordinary week of art and fun. Take a look at the videos bellow and also discover the work of the amazing artists I had the privilege to meet and work with: Florentijn Hoffman, Madalena Martins, Boris Hoppek, Daniel Brereton, AkaCorleone, Enrique Pacheco, Atelier da Bouça… [vimeo 70276827] [vimeo 70276828]Ler mais

HKU Award 2012!

I was one of the 30 nominees for the HKU Award 2012, a prize that distinguishes the most interesting students among the 3000 of the HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts)! Be inspired by the amazing profiles of HKU students in the areas of Design, Music, Games, Video, Interaction, Theatre and so on! Link to the General page and to my personal page Translation from Dutch: Hugo has made ​​an interesting combination of music design and cultural heritage. This approach is particularly reflected inLer mais

Wildlife sound recording with Chris Watson

I went to the UK to attended a course on wildlife sound recording with one of the most important sound recordists of the world Chris Watson, and also the ingenious Jez Riley French at the Wildeye Film School. Everyone interested in this field should experience this weekend! My goal is to start recording wildlife in Portuguese Natural Parks! Here’s a recording I’ve done with Jez Riley’s hydrophones buried in the sand, close to hundreds of seals, down Horsey beach, Norfolk, UK… USE YOUR HEADPHONES!Ler mais

Master degree finished!

So I’m here to say that the Master of Music Design at HKU is finished! Here’s an excerpt from the committee evaluation letter: “Apart from this impressive portfolio, the committee is also both enthusiastic and impressed by Hugo’s approah to his work. His music and sounds are based on strong concepts and always reflect his background and his personal artistic agenda. Building bridges between anthropology and the modern world using music, sound and technology is a new and promising approach.”Ler mais


Photo by José Machado Just out of the oven… the spot for the Teatro e Marionetas de Mandragora child’s play “O gato preto e a gaivota cor de prata”. Music and camera are mine, edition with Filipa Santos.  Ler mais

Anomaly – short film

Anomaly is Niels Medemblik & Rik schutte VFX (Video Special Effects) BA graduation project, I worked on it as composer and sound designer… Four young students decide to investigate the flora and fauna in Chernobyl’s ‘Exclusion Zone’, an abandoned area since 1986… after weeks of research and preparations, the group is ready to enter the ‘Zone’.  Ler mais

UU Best Univesity + HKU Best Music School !!!

After the University of Utrecht, for which I worked during the past year on the Profacity webdocumentary, had been apointed as the best University in the Netherlands and 8th in Europe, now at the beginning of my final year at the Master in Music Design at HKU, more great news: my faculty (Music & Technology) has been chosen as the ‘best Music School in the Netherlands’.Ler mais

Anima opus

Guess September will be the month when most movies I did and am doing will be posted. Here is Anima Opus a film by Nadine Lamandassa, I composed the music and designed the audio.  Ler mais

of amsterdam… trailer

Following up the musics of the post “documentary on foreign artist living in the netherlands”.. here’s the trailer of the documentary… “of Amsterdam”. See how beautifull is my Gooi forest..    Ler mais

Unheard Film Festival 2011 soundtrack nominee!

This soundtrack was one of the three nominees for this movie at the Unheard Film Festival 2011! Great uh?! I choosed this movie for its theme and beauty. I tried to create a nostalgic and organic atmosphere, punctuated by magic, discovery, playfulness, sleepiness and a great sense of freedom towards the finale. In a way its a tribute to times we now see as static heritage from the past. Well they are not, they have great value for our sustainability!Ler mais

Anomaly teaser

TEASER!  ANOMALY web site This is a horror short movie about a recent exploration of Chernobyl’s exclusion zone. It’s the graduation project of Rik Schutte & Niels Medemblik from HKU. My task is to put your ears shivering… for that I have two clear concepts… but that I’ll share with all of you later.    Ler mais

the home-swinger

Last saturday, at the Le Guess Who festival in Utrecht, I built the pretty thing you can see at the picture bellow. Called Home Swinger (weird but logical) was developed by Yuri Landman, who guided us during the 4h30m it took to do it!  Ler mais

First MMus project

First composition project for the Master of Music Design. This project was a collaboration between me (concepts and composition) with Ana Lopez (composition) and Sotos Bakas (production) for the SoundtrackCologne festival. It was really wonderfull to work with them! and we did it in a week…  Ler mais

Netherlands and the Master degree

Well, here I am in the Netherlands… after the hostel, the B&B, wandering around looking for a house, unpacking,  assembling furniture, decorating and dutch bureaucracy… I’m finally settled in… Care for a bike ride to Anna’s Hoeve? During September the MMus is the phase where I develop my study plan for the next two years. The 4th of October will be the real start with the first artist in residence.  Some of the instruments are already lining up for it…  Ler mais

Viagem Medieval “medieval journey”

This year I’ll join again the nomadic “Trupe de Bonifrates” on their appearance on the lands of His Majesty, during the Santa Maria da Feira’s “medieval journey”… If you are around just come dance and drink with us! If you’re in another realm you can take a look here… Last years appearance can be seen here…    Ler mais

Music Design Master

Ye hey! This year I will be a master degree student at HKU!  This is the largest art university in the Netherlands, in my beloved city of Utrecht! I will be studying and practicing Music and Sound Design with a focus on Heritage Design where I will be able to use my Anthropological background too. I’ve just made a trip to the Netherlands and met the Rector of the Faculty of Music and the coordinator of the Intercultural Design program! It wasLer mais

New puppet’s theatre play! “F.U.N.I.L”

(Photo by Carlos Teles) Also today was the first meeting on the new project of the Companhia de Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora – “F.U.N.I.L” (link with text in portuguese). I’ll be in charge of the sound and music for this short on words but heavy on sounds theatre play. Also very happy to see their new office/workshop! Puppet sketch for the play by enVide neFelibata Check out enVide Nefelibata’s blog for more great drawings and pupets!Ler mais