Vale do Côa – ibook

Available for free on the ibookstore in English, Portuguese and Spanish. This is an ibook I’ve produced about the Côa region. It’s 80 pages filled with videos, audio recordings, interactive media and tons of great photos about the history, nature and ethnography of the region.Ler mais

HKU Award 2012!

I was one of the 30 nominees for the HKU Award 2012, a prize that distinguishes the most interesting students among the 3000 of the HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts)! Be inspired by the amazing profiles of HKU students in the areas of Design, Music, Games, Video, Interaction, Theatre and so on! Link to the General page and to my personal page Translation from Dutch: Hugo has made ​​an interesting combination of music design and cultural heritage. This approach is particularly reflected inLer mais

Wildlife sound recording with Chris Watson

I went to the UK to attended a course on wildlife sound recording with one of the most important sound recordists of the world Chris Watson, and also the ingenious Jez Riley French at the Wildeye Film School. Everyone interested in this field should experience this weekend! My goal is to start recording wildlife in Portuguese Natural Parks! Here’s a recording I’ve done with Jez Riley’s hydrophones buried in the sand, close to hundreds of seals, down Horsey beach, Norfolk, UK… USE YOUR HEADPHONES!Ler mais

Master degree finished!

So I’m here to say that the Master of Music Design at HKU is finished! Here’s an excerpt from the committee evaluation letter: “Apart from this impressive portfolio, the committee is also both enthusiastic and impressed by Hugo’s approah to his work. His music and sounds are based on strong concepts and always reflect his background and his personal artistic agenda. Building bridges between anthropology and the modern world using music, sound and technology is a new and promising approach.”Ler mais

scraps and scars of the ancient world…

If there was a place in the world i dreamed to grow old in, living on a wood house  with a white beard and a green smile on my heart, was on the southern slope of the Peneda mountain in the National Natural Park of Gerês. It’s a hauntingly beautiful place still with presence of the European original Flora, small creeks everywhere, a place that filled me inside – body and spirit… Like the rest of the country in this strangeLer mais

IFSA congress

Last week there was the IFSA congress in Vienna with a presentation of a reflection and research I did concerning the development of the cultural and natural heritage .  The final paper was written with my teacher Álvaro Campelo. The table was on “Landscape and tourism: New models and practices for the relation with the rural world” and the title of the presentation was: Rural world, wild spaces: narratives of the fantastic worlds in the appropriation and interpretation of theLer mais