Photo by José Machado Just out of the oven… the spot for the Teatro e Marionetas de Mandragora child’s play “O gato preto e a gaivota cor de prata”. Music and camera are mine, edition with Filipa Santos.  Ler mais

Viagem Medieval “medieval journey”

This year I’ll join again the nomadic “Trupe de Bonifrates” on their appearance on the lands of His Majesty, during the Santa Maria da Feira’s “medieval journey”… If you are around just come dance and drink with us! If you’re in another realm you can take a look here… Last years appearance can be seen here…    Ler mais

New puppet’s theatre play! “F.U.N.I.L”

(Photo by Carlos Teles) Also today was the first meeting on the new project of the Companhia de Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora – “F.U.N.I.L” (link with text in portuguese). I’ll be in charge of the sound and music for this short on words but heavy on sounds theatre play. Also very happy to see their new office/workshop! Puppet sketch for the play by enVide neFelibata Check out enVide Nefelibata’s blog for more great drawings and pupets!Ler mais