Board game!!!

Here’s my first published board game. It’s an adventure game based on ethnographic research about smuggling on the eastern border of Northern Portugal, during Salazar’s dictatorship. Night is falling. Amidst the silence and shadows of the villages, men and women leave their homes with suspicious bags. Walking for hours and hours, they cross mounts and valleys, smuggling merchandise to Spain. But the portuguese border force officers know the paths and are always on the lookout for the nightly adventurers. This game,Ler mais

Vale do Côa – ibook

Available for free on the ibookstore in English, Portuguese and Spanish. This is an ibook I’ve produced about the Côa region. It’s 80 pages filled with videos, audio recordings, interactive media and tons of great photos about the history, nature and ethnography of the region.Ler mais

Documentary “do trono mais belo” (english subs!)

Hi, Here’s one of my latest projects! Soon I’ll post an ibook filled with videos, sounds and other goodies! This video was created for the Interpretive Center of Numão – Foz Coa, Portugal. It presents some of the memories, folktales and customs that the people of Numão have about their Castle. As an interpretive artifact, this video is only fully appreciated within the context of the exhibition’s narrative.  Ler mais

Water mills & millers

Last month a new book and a new documentary came to life on the amazing world of old water mills and their inhabitants. I’m the author of half of the book, where I focused on the narratives and memories of the old millers. This same line was followed in the documentary which I co-edited with Gonçalo Mota. The book is available through the DRCN Porto – . Mind that the book is in Portuguese!    Ler mais

Water mills project

Yesterday I’ve delivered the report from a research project on the Upper Douro’s region water mills. A book will come out… soon! This was a short project commissioned by the Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte. I’ve coordinated the research, wrote the report and filmed some interviews… While the results are not public here’s an illustration of an abandoned mill, by Filipa Santos, and a photo of a chill-out moment by the river.  Ler mais

Profacity – newsletter

Here’s the last Profacity’s newsletter, I contributed with a report on the Webdocumentary, while Robert Maier with one on his own life path from an outsider point of view.Ler mais

IFSA congress

Last week there was the IFSA congress in Vienna with a presentation of a reflection and research I did concerning the development of the cultural and natural heritage .  The final paper was written with my teacher Álvaro Campelo. The table was on “Landscape and tourism: New models and practices for the relation with the rural world” and the title of the presentation was: Rural world, wild spaces: narratives of the fantastic worlds in the appropriation and interpretation of theLer mais

Music Design Master

Ye hey! This year I will be a master degree student at HKU!  This is the largest art university in the Netherlands, in my beloved city of Utrecht! I will be studying and practicing Music and Sound Design with a focus on Heritage Design where I will be able to use my Anthropological background too. I’ve just made a trip to the Netherlands and met the Rector of the Faculty of Music and the coordinator of the Intercultural Design program! It wasLer mais

Tresegy documentary on DVD!

The TRESEGY documentary has just been published in DVD in Italy! Click here to see the release and order page :) This is the “In between – nine takes from the european scene” film, for which I directed and composed music for one episode (Porto) and filmed other three episodes (Lisbon, Madrid and Utrecht).  Ler mais